7 Daily Drug Safety

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Risk 1: shopping on their own without prescription medications without a prescription

OTC drugs? Non-prescription? There may be some consumers have no idea. This is very dangerous, because at the time of self-medication, only non-prescription drugs are safe. All non-prescription medication pill box on the upper right corner of the OTC logo, without this class identifies prescription drugs such as pain, can not buy for ordinary consumers without authorization, only under the guidance of professional doctors must.

Risk 2: before the drugs can not read the instructions

Before the drug package insert drugs safely and effectively be read carefully in accordance with the specification of a requirement. Drug specification covers the pharmaceutical drug composition, indications, with methods, considerations, duration of drug use, drug interactions, side effects and more information, read the manual premise carefully to ensure the safety of the rational use of medicines.

Risk 3: repeated

In the lives of some people because of hate, “and since the record of a drug” combination “of several drugs, would be faster and better, but the risk is very large. Due to the often ignored drug generic name on the box, thinking while information is not the same thing were a couple of drug proved wrong the same drug, results repeated more often than not we can afford, the dose is too large is a major cause of side effects .

In addition, there is a class of drug compound preparation of traditional Chinese and western medicine in China, if not carefully reading drug instructions, it is easy to overlook one of the western drug ingredients, if it were proprietary Chinese medicine at the same time, the same ingredients Western medicine can also be caused by repeated.

Tips – drug “g” can not simply be ignored

Two or more drugs at the same time, also exist between drug interaction, so that increase the toxic effects or even cause, that are not drug-induced serious, but many consumers as clear.

Risk 4: Blind antibiotics

In our country, “enthusiasm” people a lot of antibiotics, and some even as a “miracle cure” and have some minor complaints, it seemed, in fact, is the misuse of antibiotics. Data show that China’s application was not really needed, the use of antibiotics by 20%, is now in China, abusing one of the most affected countries of the world’s antibiotics. Misuse of antibiotics leads in drug resistance, some time before the world’s attention superbugs, consequences of misuse of antibiotics. Antibiotics are prescribed medications, be sure to take a prescription only if “not necessarily in accordance with the standard use of antibiotics, Elixir” is also a deadly drug that is potentially pose a threat to human health.

5 hidden danger: no amount of medication

Valid on any drug dosage and level of security, inadequate drug dosage has no effect dose is too high, it is probably caused by drug poisoning. Prescription drug or dosage of the specification, the result of numerous clinical case summary, is currently the most reasonable amount. Measurement of consumer use of medicines, not arbitrary cuts and incremental may differ from the consequences can be very serious.

Especially older people or children who do not fully developed different organs function, are seen as relatively low dose may be changed without approval. If condition is required, must be changed if the dosage needs to be directed by a physician or licensed pharmacist.

6 hidden danger: no drugs

Smooth control of blood pressure is an important factor for complications without medication, fluctuations in blood pressure High blood pressure is to avoid patient harm very large, drugs recommended in patients with essential hypertension “daily required course,” more than high blood pressure, other diseases suffer should the be the same.

Drugs has continued to treat disease, coupled with its well-maintained a degree of concentration in the blood when needed to maintain blood levels of medical care, it must be on some form of medication. Must be emphasized that no drugs are not only not a time of drugs for the treatment of diseases, as well as occasionally forget leaky Anzug.Natrium hydroxides

7 hidden danger: with expired drugs

Some people think that “expired medicine was only reduced the effectiveness, eat well. Everyone knows this is very dangerous. Change store drugs in, and shelf life of pharmaceutical products are not only development, for drugs from, there will be two things, include the effect of weakening the other hand, is a drug metamorphosis has occurred, and also changes in the chemical structure when drugs metamorphic and structural changes have taken place can not cure disease drug as a VIP Gift of life. Expired drugs also weaken the effectiveness, there is also a risk to the treatment time against the same large gaps.

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