Abdominal Discomfort

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Anyone who has ever had abdominal pain, knows that the drag in the stomach is extremely unpleasant. But the treatment of abdominal discomfort is not always easy, for behind the pain can put a variety of causes: Starting from the hustle and bustle of a gastrointestinal infection to spinal problems or allergies: The Causes of Abdominal pain can be varied.

Abdominal complaints are a symptom
If you have abdominal discomfort, you should always be aware that this is not a disease but a symptom of a disease. Often the cause of the discomfort and abdominal pain are benign with a few simple tricks to get a grip.
To alleviate your stomach problems, we have put together a varied program with which you dissolve in the stomach cramps and relieve your pain. The predictions can be used individually or in combination. For every entry, you should determine, in our perception of whether the measure will appear pleasant or not.
If your ball Merzen sustained over a long period and can not calm down with home remedies, you should consult a doctor so this can clarify the exact cause of your symptoms.

Tip 1: hot water bottle
If you have stomach problems, a hot water bottle mitigate the pain and provide relaxation. The warm water in the hot water bottle, the pain receptors inhibited and the pain is therefore not more than perceived as strong.
Moreover, encouraged by the warmth of the blood supply to the tissue. Due to the improved blood flow to the muscles can relax and loosen up.
As an alternative to a hot water bottle, you can also use a cherry stone pillow, which can be heated in the oven or microwave.

Tip 2: Belly Wrap
In addition to a hot water bottle or a cherry stone pillow can also be a warm belly wrap to help relieve discomfort in the abdomen. For a classic abdominal wound, you should have three different cloths on hand: directly on the stomach is placed a sheet, previously dipped in hot water and wrung has been strong. As an intermediate layer followed by a cotton cloth, woolen cloth, includes the very outside from the abdominal wound. The wound should act for at least 30 minutes.

Tip 3: Stomach Soothing Tea
There are many different teas, their constituents a gastric sedative effect is attributed. These include fennel, chamomile and sage. Chamomile soothes the stomach lining, fennel has an antispasmodic effect and sage is antibacterial. In addition, have stomach problems but also peppermint tea and herb tea is recommended. Alternatively, you can also use a special tea made from the stomach of a drugstore or pharmacy.
And: The spice cardamom also has a calming effect on the stomach. Just enter a pinch of spice in your tea.

Tip 4: sports
Like a hot water bottle and athletic activity leads to improved blood flow to the muscles. This can be solved tensions and relaxes the muscles themselves. Particularly suitable for Bausch Merzen are gentle forms of exercise such as yoga, pilates or aerobics. It is also recommended even moderate jogging or swimming.

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