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Cytomegalovirus infection (CMV infection)

CMV infection

What is a Cytomegalovirus infection? The Cytomegalovirus (also, Cytomegalovirus, CMV) belongs to the herpes virus. Similar to the excitation of the cold sore or the chickenpox it remains a primary infection in the body of the person concerned and can be reactivated. For most people, the Cytomegalovirus infection is harmless…. Read more »

Rickets Disease

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Rickets , which is mostly due to a lack of vitamin D , bone disease that usually occurs in children 6 months – 18 months . Treatment delayed due to the complete lack of bone formation , bone abnormalities bring about a long-neglected cases . Nowadays, rare disease , whereas… Read more »

How is dental aesthetics?

Deformation teeth , and teeth whitening process rectify say that dental aesthetics . Dental treatment must comply with the aesthetic appearance of the structure of one’s mouth and face . The same process applied to everyone . Let’s take a look at how the aesthetic treatments applied to the teeth… Read more »