Crooked Legs

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In some people, parts of the ankles and lower legs, upper leg is thicker than. This condition can cause aesthetic problems in women seriously, even for these patients never embarrassed giymeyerek skirt, pants trying to close her legs. The irregularities in the lower legs, again corrected by the degreasing operation. Usually thicker ankles, this surgery inceltilebiliyor. However, this would have resulted from the collection of oil more than the thickness of the leg. Muscular legs, do the different applications. According to the patient, to vary the operation. Applications usually take about 1 hour. In thin ankles, fat injections can be provided with the thickening.

Aesthetic surgery, did not like her legs to avoid wearing skirts, it offers a complex solution that makes women with modern medical methods

One of the most important factors affecting the smoothness of the aesthetic appearance of the legs in women. However, bone curvature and the genetic structure of some legs as straight, not curved outward looks. Knee and leg as a result of the accumulation of excess fat in them, difficulties and legs contour, the shape you see damage. In some patients, can be disproportionate to the legs to the ankles and thighs are thick.

Her legs are not happy with the way many women are afraid a mini skirt or shorts giyinmekten. Reveals problems in the legs, tight pants. In summer, enjoy the pool and the sea remain deprived of doing or looking for ways to camouflage her legs. The restless legs crooked, or aesthetic impact on the psychology of the young girl, and ultimately many will be unhappy. A simple ‘liposuction,’ ie, surgery with fat making fat cells from places with more of the leg that is missing parts was relocated into these areas it is possible to plump. In this way, which is an S-shaped curved and crooked legs, plant and equipment is provided to stop more smoothly.

OIL identified the
Surgery is usually done under local anesthesia. The oils that are taken over the knee and the insides of the legs, and after passing through a special process, the subsection, and the inner side of the index is being injected. After the surgery, the patient is using a special stocking up to 2-3 weeks to adapt to new places, and fat cells is provided. Some of the oils to put up 6-8 months after the melting, but again, be supplemented with these oils, attempting to be provided sustained improvement.

Her legs are not satisfied with the image of women, this situation is not like they want to hide, to hide her legs giyiniyorlar like. Aesthetic surgery at this point, the possibilities of medicine using the new and modern, can create the perfect legs.

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