How is dental aesthetics?

Deformation teeth , and teeth whitening process rectify say that dental aesthetics . Dental treatment must comply with the aesthetic appearance of the structure of one’s mouth and face . The same process applied to everyone . Let’s take a look at how the aesthetic treatments applied to the teeth .

Disfigurement TEETH

The most important reason is irregular teeth, milk teeth fall ahead of time . Instead of teeth, the permanent teeth in the mouth by overlapping the early spilled into the mouth can cause unhealthy . This prepares the ground in a bad appearance . Malformations of the teeth can be treated at a young age . There is no limitation of any age . Orthodontic treatment can easily be deformed teeth can be treated with the method call . Procedures applicable to prosthetic teeth, orthodontic treatment can not be applied .

How to clear the MISSING TEETH ?

Closure means could be developed three missing teeth . The first implant. This method is appropriate for the patient’s jaw structure of the implant will be healthy. The implant can not be done , the front and back of the teeth, missing teeth treatment can be applied depending on the bridge . Lack of dental implants is not prefer this treatment can be stopped moving .

whitening teeth

There is a very easy method can be applied for whitening teeth at home . Allows you to be healthy so that the inside of the mouth . The carbonate salt used at the table , but not as effective tooth whitening properties. The salt also kills certain microorganisms in the mouth . Also used in intensive dental etlerindeki reduces edema .

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