How to First Aid an Unconscious Person?

First, find out what is causing the blackout . Why do people love ? Application of first aid in case of fainting is a simple application than it is . First aid at least eat in our daily lives , is as necessary as water to drink . Large enough to be aware of that can expand our knowledge of first aid is useful . Instead of rendering first aid and by always vital , even if you are not a physician , a nurse can be instrumental to recover life .

Why do people swoon?

Fainting, or blood not go to the state of oxygen to the brain . Fainting can be a variety of reasons . The main ones are as follows:

To stay for a long time
drop in blood pressure
Under the sun, than to wait
Decrease in blood sugar
Hear the sound of an explosion , or live in fear of sudden

These are some of the causes of chronic diseases and their people fainting outside the stone reveals itself as a symptom . So the person or fainting due to their particular situation diseases occur. According to him, the first response should be made known to you why the blackout .

The most logical solution for the person who likes to send blood and oxygen to the brain . The only thing that we can say to people even fainted . If the person is faint multiplying bayılırken anywhere other than an injury / bleeding , and the patient is having to make their dressing also need to deposit any place on your back . If you fainted outside and soft under the head is placed on something that is not too thick . Our main goal is to revive the patient blood to the brain to send and raise the patient’s legs . Under the feet of the patient supine blood to the brain goes from 30 to 40 centimeters in height is achieved by placing an object .

If it does not you people swooning in 5-6 minutes under the other problems should be sought. Call an ambulance immediately for medical attention .

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