How to protect from the sun?

The sun , the beaches , or go into the sea not only been our moment of every summer, or in winter need to be protected . Because UV rays from the sun directly harmful to human body and health . During the summer, the sun’s rays directly in contact with you even if you buy directly from you , such as to damage the reflected rays will still harmful . If you are staying in open areas available for you to take the sun culled from more strictly apply these measures .

How to be protected from the sun ;

Between 11:00 and 16:00 noon, especially in the summer seasons of UV (ultraviolet) rays can be very harmful indeed . These time intervals are recommended not go up to the sun .
Have a factor of at least 30 sunscreen creams and wander constantly ready. Necessarily apply every 2 hours on sun-exposed seats . After showering , sweating into the sea and / or care must be applied after entering .
Be fooled by the cool feeling of the water . . Therefore, careful not to make the water in an unprotected manner .
Called active and effectiveness of sunscreens with SPF factor . Measured by SPF protection against UVB rays only been forgotten. Aging of skin is to use sunscreen , sun yanmalarında and effective cancer UVA’a opposite the SPF factor of at least 30 must be in order to be useful . Mexoryl , Parsol , contain substances such as aluminum, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are also very important .
While the sun , radiation -proof sun-protective clothing is recommended to wear the arms and legs .
Your neck , ears, and a large hat to protect your face from harmful UV rays can choose.
Sun-absorbing parts of the destruction of most of the cells in the skin and the development process up to the age of 18 (usually ) your children are to complement the use of sunscreen should be very careful .

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