Ingrown Hair

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Ingrown hair, the hair under the skin in the coccyx, and rarely through the Hub’s wound, forming an abscess and fistula. Ingrown hair, that is, Dermoid cyst, or pilonidal sinus, skin, hair slot is six. Spilled over the back and buttocks of two of sokumundaki tail hairs, hairy, and sweaty grooves groove friction stuck at the bottom of the sweat glands, such as turning the screw holes into the subcutaneous fat tissue into even being aware, open labyrinths, labyrinths, which followed with the contribution of bacteria around the iltihaplandırması, purulent or bloody, foul-smelling discharge and abscesses forming. Ingrown hair bristled from 16 to 30 years, and robust, young men, and rarely occurs in young women.

Gently with two fingers holding the hair strand oğuşturunca this movement can be seen clearly. Similarly, any free hair between the two buttocks, friction, and rotational mechanics itelenme moves towards the bottom of the groove. Hyperkeratosis and excessive sweating due to an enlarged sweat gland into the mouth can enter the skin, the hair can pass after another. Increasingly, this tiny mouth, and expands to force the tiny hairs, skin cells, sweat glands, and walks over to the hole and the holes into the inner surface of the skin epithelium consists of a tunnel to be laid, the tiny hairs and a row is easy to enter here. Long hair stubble allowed. Sometimes it might turn off a few hairs recover after entering the tunnel entrance. But the tunnel deep under the skin of bacteria in the bristles and will continue to drive towards, and inflammation. Fistula of the gutter mouths 78% i 82% of the hair on the left side and up the side of the entrance hole is located.

Cause of Pelvic Floor Muscles Why we prefer to ingrown hair?

Tail dismantled the cause of choice

1. theory, coarse hair on the back poured a deep groove caused by the accumulation of meat, the meat between two rough, hard and tight clothing or friction in residence with the hair on the floor or walk, closed the gap with the media because of thinning of the skin and easy to burst and cause irritation and pressure rough hair on the tail bone progression easier.

2. theory, the womb may affect the skin, clothing, dressed top to bottom in the form of capes, coccyx, such as skin cloak zipper closed. During the shutdown, some skin texture as the hair may remain at the bottom. From the age of dermoid cyst in this region can create hair growth hair growth. Hair is another place where the umbilical çukurudur return. Discharge from the deep pit of the belly and a hairy person, and may be an abscess. Here the hairs on foot foul-smelling discharge, or even rarely, in the abdomen around the navel or create an abscess and fistulas.

Symptoms of a twisting of the hair?

Back up the side of the sacrum, or less sensitive, swollen bumps around the anus, itching, discharge, or tide, hairy, hairless, millimeter holes and sometimes the formation of the abscess. 1 cc to 100 cc of volume changes of up to abscesses and local self-heat and pain, fever and fatigue starts with the systemic.

Valley of the Sun at heart it possible?

The recent studies, 16 years of experience, and histopathological examinations of the disease is congenital, not acquired later. Treatment and follow-up in any of our more than 1000 patients with irritation of the hair and the inflammatory granulation tissue consisting of different tissue, for example, outside the hair-producing follicles and sweat and sweat glands, the skin tissue was found detached. These findings indicate that the disease from birth. However, coccyx, congenital holes in the pit, and if they will pose a risk, albeit less than when the period of hair growth.

What problems can develop if not treated?

Abscess and the currents would not be missing coccyx. At two is a painful abscess recurrence. The disease extends to the left to right, the slot becomes a mole in the region. In other words, the so-called dermal epithelial skin cells, hairs and holes in the bag of hair after entering into the labyrinths of tunnels or creates a new a new, more horizontal, rarely in the vertical direction, multi-faceted as the advances in skin tissue. The number of hair entering into the labyrinths of the irritation increases, the disease steadily expands, the hole appeared in many of the foul-smelling discharge is unbearable. After years of chronic, inflammatory currents, ultimately, develop squamous cancer. Or illness, in rare cases, deepening of the large intestine, rectum and bladder into the progress, or even cancer of the bladder can lead to even. In this case, treatment is difficult and must be approached as a multidisciplinary event.

Valley of the Sun How is it treated?

Until this day, with more applied form of treatment is surgery. Almost all of the solid form of treatment is surgery are numerous and the surrounding tissue is removed with the diseased tissues broadly, wound dressings are left on for months and are expected to kapanbası. Or the wound is closed using various techniques. Off the methods described in Limberg, deep smoothing the rotation of the flap, the most radical method. If not, finds 10% risk of recurrence. Therefore, continued research in alternative methods and treatments have been very effective with phenol.


Ingrown hair as an alternative therapy developed by a chemical agent, a sclerotic and lytic phenol and silver nitrate which is stronger than he practices, was more effective than conventional surgical methods. In this method, the same melted silver nitrate or phenol, the fistula is inside the mouth or follicles. Hotbeds of hairs and other pathological tissues pyogenic granulation tissue, with the effect of drug rapidly dissolves and flows out into gray slurry. Micro-instrumentation in the labyrinths, and fistulas are cleared. The fistula is excised and re-entry if necessary, to prevent ingress is sutured to the hair. These procedures are completed in 15 minutes. But there has always been, and pilonidal their account is not recommended for large pits intervention. Pomatla labyrinths filled with antibiotic when it’s done and the patient is sent home. Return for daily dressing and cleaning, and advised after 1 week. Labyrinths are often on good curetted heal in 1 week. This is not necessarily shorten the time required, fistulas fibrotic walls, under local anesthesia, curetted or is sutured after excision. Finds this case, the operation time is 30 minutes.

Chances of Success What is the alternative treatment is complete?

Good to know the ropes, pay close attention to care, patient and physician are the main factors that determine the success of cooperation. Just not enough to purify the labyrinth of hair. The rules are followed, success is complete.

What are the chances of recurrence?

Alternative in the treatment of the hair to return to, the rules are observed, relapse (recurrence) probability only 3% – 5 tractor. The reason why it might review the entries remain in the hair or hygienic care of some microscopic defects that may occur as a result of the holes used for introduction of new hair. Remedy attention and hygienic care. If there is no need to change the method of recurrence. In fact, while in its early thanks to the training and the result is a simpler solution is certain to be caught.

Rules to be observed by the patient to prevent relapse and Hygienic Care What is it?

Hygienic maintenance, sanitation is a thin, namely, 1 – as recommended by the physician, patients must comply with cleaning and dressing changes. After the wound has healed, or the hair introduction holes, washed away by wiping the coccyx in the gutter every day idle browsing taharetlenirken cleaned hairs. 2 – Used with the coccyx in the morning and evening dressing 3 to 5 seconds fırçalanıp hair, lint, wool, what if you have removed 3 – Very hairy ones, the coccyx in the groove until the age of 30, once a week or tweezers cleaned with a depilatory cream, coarse flesh shaved widely head for. After thirty years, relatively little sweat and dries the skin and coccyx, gets increasingly hard or thickened, and the risk of perforation. Whether you get medication after treatment with surgery or long-term treatment with hygienic care directly affects the chances of success.

What are the possible side effects of alternative treatments?

When he was kidnapped in the same place within a few days, inflammation, pain and discharge. Drug into a vein, because there are no systemic effect does not create any time; tissues or absorbed into the vessel does not pass, not the external side effects.

Alternative ingrown hair treatment What are the advantages?

1 – Narcosis, so that does not require general anesthesia, less invasive, conservative and practical in a small operation.

2 – in the hospital or at home, lying, or resting, such as analysis and a preliminary examination does not require, a treatment that can be applied daily.

3 – The probability of recurrence is very low, even in the same way nüksetse, as well as the treatment is much easier certainty attained.

4 – Intervention leaves no trace, and provides a very good aesthetics, anatomy imperishable.

5 – the patients physician to intervene in the alternative, an interval of half an hour 2 or 3 times a day suffered enough, and the journey, not exempt from work.

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