Rickets Disease

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Rickets , which is mostly due to a lack of vitamin D , bone disease that usually occurs in children 6 months – 18 months . Treatment delayed due to the complete lack of bone formation , bone abnormalities bring about a long-neglected cases .

rickets disease

rickets disease

Nowadays, rare disease , whereas 20 approximately 90% of children born in the early Northern European countries die before the age of 4 that leads to rickets , spine, arm and leg bones leads to disorders in the format . The main reason is the lack of vitamin D due to lack of sun . Very rare for a reason , some kidney tubules diseases. Rickets is caused by a lack of vitamin D , leaving deformation shows spontaneous recovery . Vitamin D also provides the improvement , starting from birth 18 months to 2 years , or by way of vitamin D can prevent the emergence of a more accurate method .

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