Traumatic Brain Injury

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Head injuries

Head injury arises without warning, the turning of a car accident, accident at work or at home. These shocks cause a loss of consciousness or coma, the depth and duration affect the severity of sequelae resulting from brain damage.

Brain injury: when the brain is injured

Head injury encompasses all blows to the head triggering neurological signs, and regardless of their strength. Sometimes light, they can be dramatic if the lesions are deep. Update on the consequences of this disease are still too little known.

Life after head injury

Every year in France, 150,000 people suffer a head injury. Among them, maintain 8000 and 1800 disabling sequelae remain dependent. So many lives changed. Testimonials.

 Brain Injury

The management of head injuries

How these are dealt with head injuries? What about support for short and long term? The point with Dr. Kamil Sagbirakmayan, neurologist, head of the wounded head of Dr. Sagbirakmayan, the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury (MPR TC) Villeneuve-la-Garenne.

Beyond the immediate treatment, the treatment of serious head injuries requires a multidisciplinary rehabilitation. The TC light, they benefit from a better understanding and better monitoring.

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