What are the symptoms of herniated disc?

I want to tell you one more time hernia formation . Including bone, cartilage disc called in honor of the five towns are available. Taking it out of the hard layer of cartilage in the form of soft tissue . This pressure on the nerves coming out of hardened and herniated disc occurs when the soft tissue . But how do you know it we are ? How do we become aware of something that is within us .

Herniated disc symptoms are as follows:

Standing severe pain
Loss of strength in the legs
numbness in the legs
Radiating pain in the hips or legs
difficulty in walking
urinary incontinence

Observed in the first stage of hernia pain in town . Later stages of the pain spreads to the leg . Leg pain is so severe that the beldeki almost forget the pain .
If you have these symptoms ?

Reduce the size of the quality of life consists of the symptoms of herniated disc symptoms . A disease that could lead to paralysis of the growing and future periods . Carry these symptoms , seek medical advice . And neurological examination before the rest of the patients are suffering from . MR image of doctor looking at waist definite diagnosis is made after the evaluation of the examination .

What to expect after this stage micro surgery herniated disc surgery patients to find sub-title .

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